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Selecting the perfect NBN plan that suits your needs has never been easier. At RBE Internet, we offer a diverse range of NBN plans to cater to every lifestyle and requirement. Whether you’re a solo user browsing the web or a family with multiple devices streaming and gaming, we have a suitable plan for you (and, these plans come with a number of features and benefits).

Explore our NBN plans below and make the choice that best aligns with your online activities and preferences.

NBN 25

Typical evening speed: 25/4 Mbps


for first 6 months then $64.99/mth ongoing

Save $35.94 over 6 months

Ideal for: Singles and couples

NBN 50

Typical evening speed: 50/17 Mbps


for first 6 months then $75/mth ongoing

Save $60 over 6 months

Ideal for: Households with fewer members or younger kids

NBN 100

Typical evening speed: 100/17 Mbps


for first 6 months then $85/mth ongoing

Save $96 over 6 months

Ideal for: Larger households, or families with older kids

NBN 250

Typical evening speed: 224/23 Mbps


for first 6 months then $99/mth ongoing

Save $84 over 6 months

Ideal for:  Larger households or families with older kids

NBN 1000

Typical evening speed: 800/23 Mbps


for first 6 months then $109/mth ongoing

Save $60 over 6 months

Ideal for:  Larger households or families with older kids

Faster NBN Uploads

Experience lightning-fast uploads with our NBN Broadband Plans designed specifically for high-speed data transfers with faster upload speeds.

Whether you’re working from home, gaming, or streaming content, our NBN Broadband Plans ensure seamless connectivity, and are the ideal solution for a smoother online experience.

NBN 25+

Typical evening speed: 25/8 Mbps


for first 6 months then $65/mth ongoing

Save $36 over 6 months

Ideal for: Singles and couples

NBN 100+

Typical evening speed: 100/36 Mbps


for first 6 months then $89/mth ongoing

Save $84 over 6 months

Ideal for: Working from home, gaming, and streaming 4k

Need Faster Internet?

Why Choose RBE Internet For NBN Services?

Choosing RBE Internet as your NBN Services provider comes with a number of key benefits:

Unlimited Data

With us, you’ll enjoy the freedom of unlimited data, allowing you to browse, stream, and download without worrying about data limits.

No Lock In Contract

We believe in flexibility, which is why we offer no lock-in contracts, giving you the freedom to adapt your plan as your needs change.

Australian Support

Additionally, our dedicated Australian support team is always ready to assist you promptly and efficiently. 

When you choose RBE Internet, you’re ultimately choosing reliability, flexibility, and exceptional customer service for your NBN services.

FAQs About NBN Plans

Which NBN plan is best suitable for me?

Choosing the right NBN plan depends on your specific needs. At RBE Internet, we offer a range of plans to cater to different requirements. If you’re a single user or a couple who primarily browse the internet, our NBN 12 plan may suit you best. For larger households or those with more demanding internet needs, our NBN 1000 plan could be the ideal choice. We recommend assessing your usage patterns to determine the most suitable plan.

What is Typical Evening Speed (TES)?

The Typical Evening Speed (TES) is an important metric that represents the average download and upload speeds experienced by customers during the busy evening hours. It provides a realistic picture of the internet performance you can expect during peak times. Our plans come with specified TES values, ensuring a consistent and reliable internet experience for our customers.

Which Modem/Router is best suitable for high speed?

 To fully harness the benefits of high-speed NBN, it’s essential to have a quality modem/router. We recommend consulting with our customer support team to select the right modem/router that aligns with your NBN plan. Our team can provide guidance on compatible devices and assist you in making the best choice for achieving optimal speed and performance.

Are there any extra fees or charges?

At RBE Internet, we believe in transparency. Our plans are designed to be straightforward, with no hidden fees or charges. The prices listed on our website are inclusive of all costs, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll be paying. We also offer promotions and savings for certain plans, which are clearly outlined in our terms and conditions.

How long will it take for my connection to be activated?

The activation timeline for your NBN connection can vary depending on several factors, including your location and the type of NBN technology available. Typically, the activation process takes around 2-30 business days after you sign up. We strive to expedite this process as much as possible to ensure you get connected swiftly. Our customer support team is always available to provide updates on the progress of your connection.

If you have further questions or need assistance in choosing the right NBN plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Australian support team. We’re here to provide you with reliable internet services and exceptional customer support.

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NBN not available at your address? We may be able to provide other connection types at your location. Contact our support team for more information.