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Current at July 2020

This summary gives you the important information you need to know about your plan. It covers things like the length of your contract, how much you need to pay each month, what’s included and what’s not.


Bundling is not offered with a phone plan. If you require a phone service, please contact us to discuss a VOIP option.

Equipment needs

(ie: Mandatory Telecommunications Goods)
You will require a router for this service. The monthly fee does not include the cost for a router but you may purchase one from us at an additional cost.

Standard Modem$240 + Postage
SIM card$15.00


This service may not be available at your location. Call to confirm availability if needed. This service provides you with a dynamic IP address. These plans provide access to Optus 4G network only (no 3G). Roaming is not available on these plans. These connections are not intended for use overseas or usage outside Australia.

Obtaining Consent

RBE will require and retain on file consent to establish your connection in the form of:

  • An order form, either signed, or originating from a email account that we have on record as owned by the purchaser

Early termination charges

Plans are month to month. On termination you will be required to pay any outstanding monthly bills.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

We encourage you to always contact us first if you experience any problem or are unhappy. We will do our best to solve your problem during our first contact.

You can contact the TIO as follows:

Phone: 1 800 062 058

Fax: 1 800 630 614

Online: http://www.tio.com.au/making-a-complaint

Customer Service

We are committed to providing you with excellent service. Please contact us by calling 08 8862 2134 or by sending an email to admin@rbe.net.au if you have any questions, would like to give feedback or complaint.

Monthly Minimum Charges

PlanIncluded DataMax Speed*Min. Cost+$/GbMonthly Rate
200Gb 4G200Gb4G$329$0.40$79
500Gb 4G500Gb4G$349$0.20$99

* Speeds are variable and will depend on a number of factors including congestion, location, local conditions, hardware, software and general internet traffic

+ Minimum cost includes one month subscription plus modem cost


Speed depend on a range of factors, particularly the signal strength at the location of the modem.

Excess Data

PlansExcess Data over 50GbData Top up
4G Plans$15 / Gb$15 / 10Gb


Account Terms are monthly in advance paid net 7 days via EFT or on 1st of the month via credit card.

Tracking your Data Usage

You will be provided usage notifications by email at 50%, 85% & 100%

You can also monitor your Data Usage contacting our team by email to admin@rbe.net.au or by calling us on 08 8862 2134

This is document is a summary only. Please contact us for further information where required

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