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Frequently Asked Questions

RBE Internet’s NBN connection is synonymous with reliability, flexibility, and unparalleled customer service.

For any kind of immediate troubleshooting, you can reach out to our Support Desk at 08 8862 2134 or email support@rbe.net.au.

Whether you’re an existing customer or interested in our NBN Broadband Plans, our team is here to improve your online experience. Each plan is crafted for swift uploads, superior connectivity, and lightning-fast data transfers. Our NBN internet plans are very well-suited to all your needs – whether it is work-from-home, gaming, or streaming.

Choosing RBE Internet’s NBN services comes with a plethora of advantages. Enjoy the liberty of unlimited data, empowering you to browse, stream, and download without the constraints of data limits.

Our commitment to flexibility is reflected in our no lock-in contracts, allowing you to adapt your plan to evolving requirements.

But what sets us apart is our dedicated Australian support team, that’s ready to assist you promptly and efficiently.
At RBE Internet, we’re committed to delivering prompt, fast, and dependable internet connection along with superior customer service.

Should any issues arise with your broadband connection, please do not hesitate to connect with us immediately. A quick call to our Support Desk at 08 8862 2134 or an email to support@rbe.net.au is all it takes.

Alternatively, conveniently share your details via our online form, and our dedicated RBE team member will swiftly respond. Further, we also provide remote support through Screen Connect. Count on us for steadfast internet services and outstanding customer support, ensuring your connectivity needs are met with precision.
NBN internet speeds can be impacted by an array of local and external elements, including the capabilities of your NBN technology, devices, and network. Weather conditions, such as extreme heat or rain, may also influence signal strength and cause interference. Obstruction of the antenna and radio capacity on the NBN tower are additional factors to consider.

If, on a rare occasion, you do find yourself grappling with slow internet service, feel free to reach out to us at 08 8862 2134 or via email at support@rbe.net.au. We’re here to address your internet service concerns promptly and efficiently.
At RBE Internet, our NBN home internet service plans can be tailored for every household, whether big or small. Opting for RBE Internet as your NBN Services provider ensures a host of advantages:

Unlimited Data: Enjoy the liberty of unlimited data, enabling non-stop browsing, streaming, and downloading without the constraints of data limits.

No Lock-In Contract: Say yes to flexibility with our no lock-in contracts, granting you the freedom to adjust your plan as your needs evolve.

Australian Support: Our committed Australian support team stands ready to assist you promptly and efficiently.

Choose RBE Internet for reliability, flexibility, and unparalleled customer service in your NBN services. For any queries or assistance with selecting the right NBN home plan for your needs, do contact our Australian support team right away.
Before addressing the Wi-Fi Security error message, confirm that your device’s software is updated. This is the first step towards ensuring optimal security and performance.

Next, verify that your router is updated with the latest firmware. This will help enhance functionality and resolve potential issues.

The error could have stemmed from outdated security settings on your Wi-Fi router. Consider upgrading to a more secure option like WPA2 or WPA3, if supported.

To make these changes, access your router’s configuration panel, typically done through its IP address. Consult your router’s user guide for guidance on accessing and modifying security settings.

For additional support, contact us at 08 8862 2134, and we’ll promptly assist you with resolving your Wi-Fi security issue.