Speed Test Tool

We can lodge a fault once we have 3 or more test results, taken at various times of day, over more than one day. You can copy these results into an email to admin@rbe.net.au
Other things that could need to be ruled out are:

  • Background or Noise on the phone service (if you have one) can indicate this phone service issues. This needs to be resolved with your phone service provider before ADSL faults can proceed
  • Long or damaged phone extension cables or phone sockets leading to the Modem phone port. Try an alternative cable
  • Modems over 5 years old may be nearing end of useful life. If you suspect your modem being an issue, let us know and we can send you a trial modem for postage costs (assuming it can be returned in new condition)

RBE cannot take responsibility for false callout fees if the fault is due to failures on the part of your home hardware or internal cabling. We are keen to help you eliminate these possibilities to solve any issues you may have, or at least avoid a false callout fee