The following options are available on any telstra ADSL enabled Exchange, subject to service qualification of individual phone lines.

Plan Monthly Rate
$ pm (Min. monthly charge)
Total Min. Contract Cost
12 Month Contract
Total Min. Contract Cost
24 Month Contract
Inc 30GB data $49 $588 $1176 $1.63
Inc 100GB data $70 $840 $1680 $0.70
Inc 200GB data $90 $1080 $2160 $0.30
Inc 300GB data $110 $1320 $2640 $0.37

* Minimum cost includes one month subscription plus early termination fee of $200
Please see Critical Information summary for minimum 12 month contract cost, or minimum 24 month contract cost.


  • no excess data charges
  • data counted one way only
  • Shaped Plan Services : once your chosen data limit is reached within the month line speed will shape back to the lesser speed until the end of that month, when it reverts to the higher speed.
  • Upgrade data plan at any time to maintain line speed.
  • All RBE Internet customers enjoy FREE virus and spam filtering on email accounts

All prices Include GST


ADSL2 available from ADSL2 enabled Exchanges only. If ADSL2 is not available ADSL1 at 8mb line speed is offered.
<ul><li>Static IP address available on request</li>
<li>These rates are subject to change without notice : contact us for uptodate information</li>
<li>If these options do not suit your needs please talk to us about your requirements</li>
No Contract $165.00
12 Month Contract $99.00
24 Month Contract $ N/C
Early Termination
No Contract $ N/C
12 Month Contract $200.00
24 Month Contract $200.00

(Early Termination = if Contract is terminated within the Contract period an Early Termination fee applies)