About RBE Internet

RBE Internet Services is a privately owned and operated business in country South Australia. It was formed in 1996 out of a desire to provide internet access to country people at a time when this was not readily available in country areas. Balaklava residents were the first to be invited to connect closely followed by residents in nearby districts. At that stage POPs (Points of Presence) were required in each local area where internet was required, and soon RBE Internet had provided POPs in Adelaide, Balaklava, Clare, Gladstone and Robertstown giving local residents access to the internet at the cost of a local call.

Technology has changed dramatically since then to the extent where once each locality had its own dial in number, then an 0198 dial in number providing local call access right around Australia and now of course dial up is a thing of the past even in isolated country areas. Services introduced to keep country residents abreast of technology have included high speed satellite internet, and IDSN which have now been overtaken by ADSL 2 access and Wireless Broadband internet access and now the latest in internet access – the National Broadband Network. NBN Fibre, NBN Fibre to the Node and NBN Fixed Wireless are offered by RBE Internet into areas where they have been activated.

Other features introduced have included spam filtering on RBE mail servers, Internet Phone – phone calls over the internet – offering a cheaper phone call option, and a Content Filtering system protecting families from offensive sites.

RBE Internet Services is committed to maintaining and improving the quality and safety of internet access for RBE customers.